Water quality concerns halt Paris Olympics swimming test in the Seine

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. take to (somewhere) / teɪk tʊ / (phrasal v.) – to go to a place

    The war victims took to the nearby countries to find a safe place to stay.

  2. discrepancy / dɪˈskrɛp ən si / (n.) – a difference between two or more things that should be similar, which suggests that something is wrong

    There were discrepancies in the suspects’ statements. They were obviously lying.

  3. lead up to (something) / lid ʌp tʊ / (phrasal v.) – to happen before the time an event or an activity happens

    Mary studied very hard in the months leading up to the exam. That’s why she got a perfect score in every subject.

  4. undeterred / ˌʌn dɪˈtɜrd / (adj.) – continuing to do something even when there are difficult problems and situations

    The young singer remained undeterred despite the negative comments about her voice on social media.

  5. dovetail / ˈdʌvˌteɪl / (v.) – to fit together or combine two things in a way that they work well together

    Jane’s ideas on the project dovetailed with Mark’s. They decided to work together to get the best result.


Read the text below.

Another Paris Olympics test run in the Seine River was canceled because of concerns about water quality, in a fresh blow to Games organizers and the city’s ambitions to reopen the iconic river to public swimming.

Triathlon swimmers took to the Seine in competition on August 17 and 18, but results of water quality tests showed “significant discrepancies” in the hours leading up to August 19’s scheduled para triathlon events, organizers said in a statement. The competition was transformed into a duathlon of just running and biking.

Water safety officials are trying to determine why two testing systems used for the river produced different results. One indicated too-high levels of bacteria overnight, said Pierre-Antoine Molina, who oversees public policy for the Paris regional administration. Rainfall in recent days may have been a factor.

A previous test event had to be canceled last month because heavy rain caused overflows of untreated waste in the Seine, leaving water quality below safety standards. Rainfall also hit Paris ahead of August 19’s cancelation.

Paris is spending massively on water-management projects that officials say will make pollution caused by storms less frequent.

Olympics organizers remain undeterred in their mission to hold open-air swimming events along the picturesque river, viewing last month’s cancelations as a learning experience.

The head of the Paris 2024 organizing committee, Tony Estanguet, said a contingency plan will be in place next year to allow swimming events to be postponed for a few days if water quality isn’t up to standard.

But there’s no plan B for moving the competition. “We will remain in this extraordinary location, no matter what happens,” said Estanguet, a three-time Olympic gold medalist in canoe slalom. “We want to preserve this ambition.”

The plan for Olympic and Paralympic athletes to swim in the Seine dovetails with city hall’s efforts to clean up the long-murky waterway. Paris has promised more transparency about its cleanup efforts than Rio de Janeiro, where concerns about sewage-contaminated water dogged the 2016 Olympics.

This article was provided by The Associated Press.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

  • Why do you think Estanguet insists on holding the swimming events in the Seine river? Do you agree with his decision? Why or why not? Discuss.
  • In your opinion, how will using the Seine River as the venue affect athletes’ performance? What other factors do you think would affect athletes’ performance? Discuss.

Discussion B

  • There is no plan B for moving the competition. In your opinion, how important is having a plan B when organizing an event? When is it okay not to have a plan B? Discuss.
  • Do you always have a plan B when planning something, such as an event or a trip? Why or why not? Discuss.