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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. itch / ɪtʃ / (n.) – a strong desire for a certain thing or activity

    He keeps losing money because of his gambling itch.

  2. snippet / ˈsnɪp ɪt / (n.) – a small part of something, such as a piece of music, a conversation, etc.

    I don’t know if the new movie is good. I only watched a 30-second snippet of it.

  3. slap / slæp / (v.) – to put something on the surface of another thing, especially in a quick or careless way

    My little sister slapped her new stickers on her favorite book.

  4. set (something/someone) apart from (something/someone else) / sɛt əˈpɑrt frəm / (phrasal v.) – to have a certain characteristic that makes one different or better than others

    What sets the new car apart from other models is its self-parking feature.

  5. blow up / bloʊ ʌp / (phrasal v.) – to become very successful or popular within a short time

    Delivery apps blew up when the Covid-19 lockdowns began.


Read the text below.

You’re probably asking yourself: What’s all the fuss about TikTok? Should I try it? If you like short fun videos that open the window into a diverse world of talent, then yes — absolutely.

TikTok is where many memes are born and — within days or even hours — die. It’s impossible to remember them all. They come from music videos, politics, sports, TV. Open up TikTok, search for anything, and be entertained for hours. TikTok lets you enjoy life’s funniest, saddest and most inspiring moments.

But it’s not just for watching short videos. If you have a creative itch, then you can scratch it with TikTok.

Start off simple, with a short video or photo from your phone’s gallery. Add a sound. This can be a short snippet from a song or a funny sound effect — anything that appeals to your imagination. Add a filter to give yourself makeup, hair, a funny face. Slap cute stickers here and there. Mix it all together, and you’re ready to share a TikTok video and hope it goes viral.

What sets TikTok apart from other video apps is its many editing tools. There are hundreds of video and sound effects to choose from. And if you want to go deeper, you can. TikTok gives you advanced editing tools and unique features: Duet lets you react to other people’s videos, and Stitch lets you include someone else’s video inside your own.

The social media app has blown up since it launched in 2017, and there are now more than 1 billion users worldwide.

It’s not all about being viral. You can use it to learn a language or how to fix stuff. But the heart of TikTok will always be about dancing, music and crazy memes. (T)

This article was provided by The Japan Times Alpha.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

  • According to the author, you can open up TikTok, search for anything, and be entertained for hours. Have you ever spent hours watching videos online? Why do you think it’s so easy to lose track of time on social media? Discuss.
  • If you were to make TikTok videos, what kind of videos would you make (ex. reactions to other people’s videos, dancing with silly filter videos)? Do you know anyone who often posts videos on social media? Discuss.

Discussion B

  • According to the author, the heart of TikTok will always be about dancing, music, and crazy memes. Why do you think short dancing videos are so popular on the platform? How do you feel about them (ex. fun, silly)? Why? Discuss.
  • Some people use TikTok to learn new languages or how to fix things. In your opinion, what other helpful content would be good for TikTok videos (ex. medical advice, career tips)? Why? Discuss.