Private Island in Australia For Sale

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. secluded / sɪˈklu dɪd / (adj) – hidden or not seen by many people

    There are many rare plants and trees in secluded forests.

  2. offset / ˌɔfˈsɛt / (v) – to lessen the effect of something by creating a balance between it and something else

    Profits from the promo have offset our losses when we didn’t operate for a month.

  3. capitalize on (something) / ˈkæp ɪ tlˌaɪz ɑn / (phrasal) – to use an event or situation in a strategic way

    The rising actress is capitalizing on her popularity by becoming the spokesperson for several different brands.

  4. safe haven / seɪf ˈheɪ vən / (n) – a place where one can feel safe and secure

    The peaceful garden at my house is my safe haven.

  5. (be) fond of (something) / fɑnd ʌv / (idiom) – to have a strong liking for someone or something

    I’m very fond of babies.


Read the text below.

An exclusive island in Australia’s Southern Great Barrier Reef has been put up for sale.

Pumpkin Island is 14 kilometers away from the coastal town of Yeppoon in Queensland. The six-hectare island has a secluded beach, library, and cottages that can accommodate around 34 guests. It also has a helicopter pad and a customized 36-passenger boat.

Despite its many modern facilities, Pumpkin Island is the first island in Australia to achieve the “beyond carbon neutral” status by offsetting 150% of its yearly carbon emissions. The island has achieved this by using renewable sources of energy and converting rainwater into drinking water through a filtering system.

Pumpkin Island is currently owned by Wayne and Laureth Rumble. The couple read about the island in the newspaper and bought it in 2003 for around $909,000. The island was previously owned by Roger and Merle Mason, who acquired it for about $70 after winning it as a prize in a poker game in 1961. Now, the island is back on the market with a $17 million price tag.

Based on reports, sales agents are capitalizing on the post-pandemic climate to sell the island. They are highlighting the destination as a possible safe haven in the event of another global health crisis.

The Rumbles have opted to sell the property because they have plans to move to New Zealand to be closer to the rest of their family. According to Laureth, leaving the place will be very sad for them because they have been fond of it and the lifestyle that they adopted while living on the island. The couple is hoping that the next owners will be as dedicated as they are in taking care of the island.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• Do you think highlighting the island as a possible safe haven is a good way to attract potential buyers? Why or why not?
• Given the opportunity, would you be interested in buying Pumpkin Island? Why or why not?

Discussion B

• How would you describe a safe haven (e.g. quiet and peaceful)? Discuss.
• Do you consider any place to be a safe haven? Explain.