Mondelēz to Cut Calories of Some Chocolate Bars

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. tackle / ˈtæk əl / (v.) – to deal with something difficult, such as a problem

    Different organizations are tackling the issue of waste management in urban areas.

  2. revamp / riˈvæmp / (v.) – to improve the appearance of something

    The restaurant has revamped its dining area to attract more customers.

  3. feel strongly / fil ˈstrɔŋ li / (idiom) – to have a definite opinion about something

    I feel strongly about the current political situation.

  4. pledge / plɛdʒ / (n.) – a promise to do something

    The billionaire made a pledge to give a part of his wealth to the needy.

  5. treat / trit / (n.) – something special given to or done for someone else

    As a birthday treat, my father surprised me with a large bouquet of flowers.


Read the text below.

Mondelēz [mohn-dah-LEEZ], the parent company of confectionery brand Cadbury, has decided to reduce the calories of some of its chocolate bars.

The company announced that it will be cutting calories from childhood favorites Fudge, Curly Wurly, and Chomp bars in coming months. After the change, all three chocolate bars will have fewer than 100 calories. The move follows the company’s decision last year to cut the calories of its Mini Fingers and Animals.

Mondelēz executive Louise Stigant said the company made the decision in order to help tackle obesity among children in the country.

According to Mondelēz, there will be no changes in the ingredients of the chocolate bars. The company explained that only the size will change, but they have yet to confirm by how much.

Currently, Curly Wurly bars weigh 26 grams and contain 118 calories, Fudge bars weigh 25.5 grams and have 114 calories, and Chomp bars weigh 23.5 grams and contain 110 calories.

Both individual chocolate bars and those sold in multipacks will have reduced calories.

The company will also revamp the packaging design to highlight the change in calorie count.

According to Stigant, Mondelēz feels strongly about its pledge to tackle childhood obesity. She believes that the new campaign can help parents more easily control calories when giving treats to their children.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• Do you think Mondelēz’s new campaign can help tackle childhood obesity? Why or why not?
• Aside from chocolate bars, what other food or snacks should have reduced calories (e.g. potato chips)? Discuss.

Discussion B

• Is childhood obesity also a problem in your country? Discuss.
• Do you think parents are responsible for controlling their children’s calorie intake? Why or why not?