Librarian Uses Drones to Deliver Books

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. means / minz / (n) – a way of doing something

    Trains and buses are the most common means of transportation in my country.

  2. stringent / ˈstrɪn dʒənt / (adj) – very strict or exact

    The city is known for its stringent traffic regulations.

  3. fulfill / fʊlˈfɪl / (v) – to do what is needed, required, or promised

    It might take some time before the airline fulfills the refunds.

  4. endorse / ɛnˈdɔrs / (v) – to recommend something for the next step

    The manager approved the budget proposal. He will now endorse it to the director.

  5. (one’s) doorstep / ˈdɔrˌstɛp / (n) – the area right outside one’s front door

    You don’t have to go out to buy food anymore. Most restaurants deliver food right to your doorstep.


Read the text below.

A school librarian has been using drones to deliver books to students amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Kelly Passek is a librarian for the Montgomery County Public Schools in Virginia.

Because remote learning makes it difficult for students to access libraries, Passek came up with the idea to send books to students by drone. In an interview, she said that having access to resources from the library helps students do well in school and life. She added that finding the means to get learning materials to children should be a priority now, considering that stringent quarantine guidelines are posing many difficulties.

Passek got the idea of delivering books using drones from Wing, a company that offers and develops drone-based delivery services. She used Wing’s service to have essential goods conveniently delivered to her house. Passek then realized that the service could be used to fulfill library book requests. She proposed the idea to a school administrator, and it was immediately approved.

Students can borrow books from the library by filling out a form on the school’s website. After Passek processes the requests, she endorses the books to Wing for delivery.

According to Passek, her school district is the first to use Wing to deliver library books to students. She shared that the school community is excited to experience this unique way of delivering materials to students.

Before the official launch of the service, the school held a trial period. The trial was a success, and now all students can have books from the library’s collection of over 150,000 titles delivered right to their doorstep.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• Do you think all schools should have a similar service for delivering library books? Why or why not?
• Aside from library books, what school resources can be delivered using this service (e.g. exam papers, worksheets)? Discuss.

Discussion B

• In this day and age, do you think it’s still necessary to use library books? Why or why not?
• What are the pros and cons of having increased access to learning resources (e.g. convenience, too much dependence on technology)? Discuss.