Apple Partners with Walgreens for Credit Card Promo

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. team up / tim ʌp / (phrasal) – to join and work with another person, group, or company

    The local government teamed up with restaurants and hotels to attract tourists to the area.

  2. subscriber / səbˈskraɪ bər / (n) – a person who pays to receive a service or material regularly

    The publication has over a thousand subscribers.

  3. refund / ˈri fʌnd / (n) – the act of giving back money

    The company notified customers that refunds will be given to those who made accidental purchases.

  4. sign of the times / saɪn əv ðə taɪmz / (idiom) – something that shows or symbolizes the current state of events

    It’s a sign of the times that people put their phones on the table even during meals.

  5. test the waters / tɛst ðə ˈwɒt ərz / (idiom) – to find out people’s opinion or reaction to something before doing it

    Let’s test the waters first before launching the new product.


Read the text below.

Apple has teamed up with pharmacy store chain Walgreens to offer a $50 welcome bonus to new subscribers of the Apple Card, the tech giant’s credit card.

With the deal, new cardholders can get $50 back after spending at least the same amount at Walgreens during the first 30 days of using their Apple card. Those interested in receiving the bonus need to download the Walgreens iOS app.

Apple said that the welcome bonus will only be available for a limited time. Cardholders will receive it via Daily Cash, the Apple Card’s cash refund program that gives customers a percentage of their money back after every purchase.

Apart from the welcome bonus, there are two other existing deals offered by Apple and Walgreens. The first rewards customers with 3% cash back when they make a purchase using the Apple Card at Walgreens branches or on the app or website. The second gives customers 3% cash back when they use their Apple Card at any Walgreens drive-thru locations until the end of July.

According to credit card expert Sara Rathner, the Apple Card’s new deal is a sign of the times. Previously, the Apple Card did not offer any welcome bonuses. However, just like other credit card companies, Apple is thinking of ways to attract new customers.

Rathner believes that Apple is testing the waters with the new deal with Walgreens to determine consumers’ response to such initiatives.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• Do you think the promo will be effective in getting more people to sign up for an Apple Card? Why or why not?
• Do you think having a credit card is a necessity in this day and age? Why or why not?

Discussion B

• Do you think offering promos or deals is a good way for businesses to boost their profits? Why or why not?
• If you owned a business, what kind of deal would you offer? Discuss.