UK Offers Special Visa to Experts

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. set aside / sɛt əˈsaɪd / (phrasal) – to save something for a particular reason

    I set some money aside for my short trip next month.

  2. augment / ɔgˈmɛnt / (v) – to increase or strengthen something

    He plans to apply for a part-time job to augment his income.

  3. front-runner / ˈfrʌntˈrʌn ər / (n) – someone or something that is taking the lead in an activity

    The multinational company is a front-runner in the business.

  4. non-inclusive / nɒn ɪnˈklu sɪv / (adj) – not including or considering all possible elements

    A lot of students are complaining that the new organization is non-inclusive; it only accepts honor students.

  5. entry-level / ˈɛn triˌlɛv əl / (adj) – at the lowest level

    The new graduate qualified for an entry-level position.


Read the text below.

The UK government now offers a Global Talent Visa to experts like scientists, mathematicians, and researchers who want to enter the country.

The new visa scheme took effect last February. It replaced the old Exceptional Talent Visa, which allowed applicants to be recommended by the country’s most prestigious science and research organizations. In the previous scheme, applications were limited to 2,000 slots yearly. However, the Global Talent Visa has unlimited slots.

The UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), an organization managing research and innovation in the country, will handle applicants’ endorsements. The organization can also endorse applicants of their choice. Endorsed applicants do not need a job offer before their arrival to the United Kingdom. Instead, the new scheme will provide them assistance so they can settle more quickly in the country.

According to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the new visa was made to encourage the most talented scientists and mathematicians to conduct their research in the country. The UK government has set aside £300 million to fund studies in science and mathematics for the next 5 years. It also plans to double the funding for new doctorates and augment other research projects.

Key government officials believe that the new measure will help establish the United Kingdom as a front-runner in the field of science. The new scheme will also highlight the importance of research and innovation to the success of the country.

However, other officials do not approve of the Global Talent Visa and dismissed it as a marketing ploy by the government. Critics also said that the new measure is non-inclusive and restrictive to entry-level researchers, who could also provide valuable contributions.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• In your opinion, what improvements can be made to the Global Talent Visa? Discuss.

• Do you agree that the Global Talent Visa is non-inclusive and restrictive? Why or why not?

Discussion B

• If you had the opportunity, which area of study would you like to conduct research on (e.g. education, transportation)? Why?

• How will this research benefit other people? Explain.