Twelve-Year-Old Boy Creates Organization to Help Homeless People

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. put up (something) / pʊt ʌp / (phrasal) – to build or establish something

    After his college graduation, he decided to put up a business.

  2. go past / goʊ pæst / (phrasal) – to move past someone or something

    Henry didn’t notice his coworkers when he went past them.

  3. passerby / ˈpæs ərˈbaɪ / (n) – a person who happens to be walking past a certain place

    A passerby witnessed the incident and offered to help the victim.

  4. go the extra mile / goʊ ði ˈɛk strə maɪl / (idiom) – to do more than what is expected

    The hardworking employee always goes the extra mile in all his tasks.

  5. drive / draɪv / (n) – an event organized for a specific purpose, usually to raise money

    They will hold a donation drive next week for the calamity victims.


Read the text below.

A 12-year-old boy from Oregon, United States, formed a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping homeless people.

Symond Boschetto / bo-SCHÉT-to / founded the nonprofit organization called Share Hope USA when he was only eight years old. According to Symond, he got the idea of putting up the organization when he went past a homeless man who was asking passersby for help. He, then, told his father, Russel Boschetto, that he wanted to help all the people in need.

To support Symond’s idea, his father researched on charitable organizations and the events they usually hold. His father even went the extra mile by physically participating in different charity events to learn more about them.

Share Hope USA has helped around 9,000 homeless people in Los Angeles through clothing drives, feeding programs, and several fundraising events. Members and volunteers of the organization have been arranging and holding numerous charity events for homeless people, sick children, and other people in need. The organization has also been in partnership with several local institutions across Los Angeles to fulfill its mission.

Recently, Symond and his family moved to Portland. Symond said that the move is a good opportunity for him to expand the organization to other parts of the United States. The young boy also hopes to expand it to other countries.

Currently, Symond’s mother is part of Share Hope USA’s executive board, while his sister serves as an outreach coordinator for the organization.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• If you were Symond’s father, would you allow your child to start a nonprofit organization? Why or why not?
• Do you think Share Hope USA has the potential to expand to other US states and other countries? Discuss.

Discussion B

• Do you think it is important for children to engage in charitable activities? Why or why not?
• Aside from engaging in charitable events, what other things can children do to help people in need? Discuss.