Company Allows Employees to Request for and Approve Salary Raises

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. high time / haɪ taɪm / (idiom) – the right time for something to happen

    She believes that it is high time for her to get a promotion.

  2. make a pitch / meɪk ə pɪtʃ / (idiom) – to say or do something to make others support, buy, or agree to something

    The employees made a pitch for better health benefits during the meeting.

  3. rationale / ˌræʃəˈnæl / (n) – a reason or an explanation behind something

    The company did not give a rationale for its refusal to partner with another firm.

  4. anonymous / əˈnɒnɪməs / (adj) – without a name or an identification

    The employees found a mysterious package from an anonymous sender at the lobby.

  5. transparency / trænsˈperənsi / (n) – the quality of not hiding anything

    The supervisor shares all company updates with his team to ensure transparency.


Read the text below.

A US-based company allows employees to request and vote for a salary raise.

Squaremouth, an online company comparing and selling travel insurance, started operating in Florida in 2003. The company implemented the policy that allows requesting and voting for raises in 2010.

To start the voting process, the employees organize a company-wide meeting when they think it is high time to get a raise. Then, they make a pitch for the desired amount of salary increase. Coworkers are required to turn in their votes, as well as to share the rationale behind their decision, on the same day of the meeting. They also need to indicate their names, as no vote can remain anonymous.

Afterward, the votes are compiled. The salary raise request is granted if the majority of the requesting employee’s coworkers agree to it. Since the policy’s implementation, 39 out of 41 requests have been approved.

Chris Harvey, Squaremouth’s CEO, thinks that employees’ happiness should be prioritized because it translates to happy customers. Additionally, he believes that the peer-reviewed salary raise system promotes transparency. He emphasized that he trusts the employees to make sound decisions on whether or not a raise request is reasonable.

According to employees, Squaremouth’s transparent culture empowers them and makes the company an ideal place for growth and success.

Several publications agree. The Tampa Bay Business Journal cited Squaremouth as one of the best places to work in the United States. Similarly, Fortune listed the company as one of the best small companies in the country.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• In your opinion, what are the advantages of letting the employees request for a salary raise? Explain.
• What do you think are the possible disadvantages of this policy? Discuss.

Discussion B

• Why is transparency important in a company? Discuss.
• What are some ways that a company can promote transparency? Explain.