New “Captain Marvel” Comic Series to Be Released in 2019

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. alter ego / ˈɑːltɚ ˈiːgoʊ / (n) – the other version of an individual’s self or personality

    The superhero’s alter ego is a preschool teacher.

  2. superhuman / ˌsuːpɚˈhjuːmən / (adj) – having greater abilities and power than ordinary people

    If I were a superhero, I would like to have superhuman hearing, so I can hear things that are far from me.

  3. power through (something) / ˈpawɚ θruː / (phrasal) – to continue dealing with something even if it is difficult

    Aimee is tired, but she powers through stress.

  4. franchise / ˈfrænˌtʃaɪz / (n) – a series of movies that continue a story

    The movie franchise has a total of five films.

  5. hot on the heels of (something) / hɑːt ɑːn ðə hiːls ʌv / (idiom) – happening immediately after something

    Fans are excited because the singer’s concert will be happening hot on the heels of the release of her new album.


Read the text below.

American comic book publisher Marvel Comics announced that it will relaunch a new Captain Marvel comic book series.

The new series, which will be titled Captain Marvel, is set to debut in January 2019. It will continue the story of the heroine Captain Marvel, who was first introduced in 1967.  Written by Kelly Thompson and illustrated by Carmen Carnero, the series will be released in comic book stores and on digital platforms.

In the story, Captain Marvel is the alter ego of Carol Danvers, a US Air Force officer. Aside from having superhuman strength and speed, she has the ability to fly.

According to Thompson, Captain Marvel’s flaws set the superhero apart from other similar characters. Thompson characterized Captain Marvel as a superhero who experiences struggles but powers through them. Through this characterization, the writer wants the superhero to inspire women.

Thompson also revealed that Captain Marvel will be interacting with other superheroes like Iron Man and Spider-Woman. She also confirmed that Captain Marvel will possibly have a romantic relationship with another well-known Marvel character.

Aside from the new comic book series, a movie about Captain Marvel will also be released. Starring actress Brie Larson, it will be the first movie in the Marvel franchise to have a female lead.

Because the movie’s release is in March 2019, it will be hot on the heels of the comic book series’ launch. Thompson anticipates that Captain Marvel will earn new fans after the film’s release. She also hopes that through the film and new comic book series, Captain Marvel will not only attract new fans, but also cater to its loyal supporters.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• Would you be interested in reading the Captain Marvel comic book series or watching the movie? Why or why not?
• Apart from releasing a new comic book series and a movie, in what other ways can Marvel attract new fans?

Discussion B

• Why do you think superheroes gain a lot of attention from the audience?
• If you were to create a superhero, what would be his or her characteristics? Discuss.