First Underwater Restaurant in Europe to Open in 2019

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. slate / sleɪt / (v) – to schedule something to happen

    The new café is slated to open next week.

  2. aptly / ˈæpt li / (adv) – in an appropriate manner

    The beautiful theme park was aptly named Dream Park.

  3. straddle / ˈstræd l / (v) – to be located on both sides of something

    The hotel straddles the two streets most visited by tourists.

  4. concurrently / kənˈkɜr ənt li / (adv) – in a simultaneous manner

    She concurrently works as a teacher and writer.

  5. sought-after / ˈsɔtˌæf tər, -ˌɑf- / (adj) – being wanted by many people, or difficult to find

    That is one of the most sought-after restaurants in this city.


Read the text below.

An underwater restaurant in Norway is slated to open in 2019.

Aptly named Under, the restaurant will be built in Båly [BOOL-ee], a Norwegian village in the North Atlantic Ocean. The three-level structure will straddle both land and sea, with the entrance near the shore and the dining area on the ocean floor. Its 100-seater dining area boasts of an underwater view.

Architectural firm Snøhetta [snoh-het-tuh], Under’s commissioned designer, said the restaurant will resemble a large shipping container with meter-thick walls meant to endure changing sea conditions. Its exterior’s coarse surface will serve as an artificial reef that will invite mussels to cling to it.

Furthermore, Snøhetta aims to give diners a learning experience by putting up informational plaques along the way to Under’s entrance. Under will also concurrently function as a marine biology research center. Experts will be invited to give advice on improving the conditions for fish and shellfish found within the restaurant’s vicinity. This would result in more options for seafood-loving customers.

While Under is the first of its kind in Europe, it is not the first underwater attraction in the continent.

Green Lake in Austria became a popular tourist spot in recent years because it naturally transforms into an underwater park during summer. When the snow and ice from the mountains melt, the lake overflows and submerges the entire park near it—including bridges, benches, and trees. As a result, it became a sought-after site for diving enthusiasts. However, in 2016, the tourism office banned all watersports activities in the area due to concerns on irreversible damage to the lake caused by human activities.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• What are the possible implications of underwater structures on marine life?
• Aside from putting up informational plaques and a research center, how else can the restaurant educate people on marine life?

Discussion B

• What is your idea of a good dining experience? Describe.
• Are you willing to shell out a large amount of money in exchange for a unique dining experience? Why or why not?