Hollywood Movie Studios Join Disney to Launch Movies Anywhere App

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. dwindling / ˈdwɪn dl / (adj) – becoming smaller or less

    Employees are worried about the dwindling company profit.

  2. one-stop / ˈwʌnˌstɒp / (adj) – offering many different types of goods or services in one place

    The store is a one-stop shop because it offers all the things that you need.

  3. myriad / ˈmɪr i əd / (n) – a large number of things

    The film’s myriad of characters made it difficult for me to remember all their names.

  4. roughly / ˈrʌf lee / (adv) – close to a given number, quality, or meaning

    There are roughly 120,000 books in the university library.

  5. fall short / fɔl ʃɔrt / (idiom) – to be lacking in something

    The viewers were disappointed with the film because they thought it fell short in terms of the plot.


Read the text below.

Disney teams up with popular Hollywood movie studios to launch the Movies Anywhere app.

Since 2016, the entertainment giant has been expressing interest in collaborating with several studios for the project, which aims to boost studio profits in light of dwindling DVD sales and box office returns. Now, it has been reported that Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, and Sony Pictures Entertainment have signed on to offer the new digital service.

Designed as a one-stop shop for movie viewers, the Movies Anywhere service allows users to download, store, and watch digital movies through the app.

To activate the app, users have to connect it to their iTunes, Google Play, or Vudu accounts. All purchased movies will automatically be transferred to their Movies Anywhere Library, which can be accessed across a myriad of supported devices.

The app is a revamp of the 2014 Disney Movies Anywhere, which only offered productions by Disney and its subsidiaries like Pixar and Marvel.  With the participation of other studios, the selection has been expanded to roughly 7,300 titles, including Star Wars, Spiderman, and DC Comics movies.

On another note, rival product UltraViolet offers a similar service but fell short in terms of the features it offers. Unlike Movies Anywhere, UltraViolet cannot be linked to major movie retailers like Amazon and iTunes. In addition, customers experienced several inconveniences, such as having to download a number of programs and manage several accounts. Disney learned from UltraViolet’s mistakes and is now using a more flexible technology that works with a wider variety of programs for better customer experience.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• If you were a movie studio owner, would you team up with the others to launch Movies Anywhere? Why or why not?
• What kind of movies would you still prefer to watch in theaters? Which ones would you rather download or stream online? Explain.

Discussion B

• What are some common mistakes that companies make? Discuss.
• How can other companies avoid making the same mistakes?