Your friend invited you to a rock festival.

Accept your friend’s invitation and have a good time at the rock festival.


1. Read an invitation from your friend.
2. Talk about the different events at the rock festival.
3. Express your opinion about a band that wears unpleasant-looking costumes.



Match the sentences on the left to the pictures on the right.

1. be pumped about something


2. can’t stand someone/something


3. freak out


4. be on the fence about something


5. gross someone out


Choose the correct expressions in the parentheses.

  1. I (grossed my friend out / am dying) to get tickets to their concert. I really want to see them in person.
  2. I (can’t wait / am on the fence about) whether we should stay at the festival all day or not. It’s going to be really hot.
  3. (I was wondering if / It’s up to you if) you’d be interested in going to the show with me.
  4. Well, (plan A / plan B) is to buy tickets online. Otherwise, let’s just hope we can get tickets on the day of the concert.


Challenge 1

Your foreign friend sent you an email. Read it.


  • be pumped about something
  • be dying to do something
  • I was wondering if…
  • What do you say?

Hi! How’s it going? I hope you’re enjoying your summer vacation.

Speaking of vacation, I’m going to be in Japan next month! I’m really pumped to be back in the land of the rising sun! I can’t believe it’s already been two years.

Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to go with me to the Crimson Rock Festival next month. I already bought two tickets, one for me and one for Kenji, but Kenji just found out that he has to work that weekend. I don’t really want to go alone, so I hope you can come with me!  Rock Jepsen and The Blues are going to perform. I heard they’re amazing live, so I’m dying to see them! What do you say?


Challenge 2

You’re now at the Crimson Rock Festival with your friend. Talk to him/her about the different festival events that there are. Then, ask about which events your friend is interested in.

Music Festival Events
  • local and international band performances
  • nightly dance party
  • food fair
  • band merchandise fair
  • fireworks display


  • be pumped about something
  • I can’t wait
  • be dying to do something
  • What do you say?
  • be up to someone
  • plan A/B
  • be on the fence about something

Challenge 3

Before Rock Jepsen’s performance, you and your friend are watching the performance of another band, Horror Shock. Talk with your friend and express your opinion about the band’s creepy costumes.


  • can’t stand something/someone
  • gross someone out
  • freak out


Accept your friend’s invitation and have a good time at the rock festival.


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    Very Good

    Could complete the task with ease

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    Could complete the task with some clarifications

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    Could complete the task with additional instructions

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    Could somehow complete the task with difficulty