A foreign friend is going to visit you in Japan. It’ll be his/her second time in Japan, so he/she wants to go to some lesser known places.

Find a good place and take your friend there.


1. Read about an interesting place.
2. Tell your friend about the place you chose.
3. Go to the place and talk about how it compares to more popular places in Japan.



Choose the correct expressions in the parentheses.

  1. It didn’t happen (from time to time / overnight). It took over three months to renovate their kitchen!
  2. The neighborhood is (bizarre / up-and-coming). It wasn’t very popular before, but now more and more people are moving there.
  3. During rush hour, there are (wall-to-wall people / Tokyo dialect) at the station.


Make sentences using the pictures, words, and expressions in parentheses. The form of some expressions may need to be changed.

1. (be known for something)


Great Buddha


2. (turn something into something)

the restaurant

a bookstore


3. (bizarre)

my friend



4. (packed like sardines)

the passengers

the train


Challenge 1

Your foreign friend is coming to Japan soon. It’ll be his/her second time in Japan, so he/she wants to see some lesser known places. You’re checking out a travel blog to try to decide where to take your friend. Read the post below.


  • overnight
  • be known for something
  • from time to time

Kasai Rinkai Park

Did you know that Tokyo has a beach? While most people living in the capital travel to Kanagawa or Chiba when they want to spend a day on the sand, there’s actually a beach right in Tokyo, and it’s in Kasai Rinkai Park.

Beaches were once a common sight in Tokyo, but starting in the 1950s, they started to close one by one. It didn’t happen overnight, but by 1962, all beaches in the capital were gone.

One reason for the disappearing beaches was the large number of artificial island and land-extension projects in that area, which caused the water to become polluted. However, a local NPO organized a clean-up project several decades later, and thanks to their efforts, the beach was reopened to the public in 2013.

In addition to the beach, Kasai Rinkai Park has a number of fun things to see and do. It has an aquarium, a bird sanctuary, and several walking trails. It’s especially known for its Ferris wheel, which overlooks the beach area. It also has a large area for picnics, kite flying, and biking.

Kasai Rinkai Park is perfect for people who want to escape the crowded city from time to time without ever leaving the city limits.

Challenge 2

Now, your friend has arrived in Japan. You decided to take him/her to Kasai Rinkai Park. Tell your friend about it.


  • How … is that?
  • bizarre
  • overnight
  • turn something into something
  • from time to time

Challenge 3

You and your friend are now at Kasai Rinkai Park. Talk with your friend about the park and how it compares to other places in Japan.


  • How … is that?
  • from time to time
  • wall-to-wall something
  • packed like sardines


Find a good place and take your friend there.


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