Your friend has a problem with his/her ex.

Give your friend advice.


1. Talk to your friend about his/her ex.
2. Read an advice column about relationships.
3. Suggest some ways to meet Mr./Ms. Right.



Match the expressions with their meanings.

1. dump someone


2. make it work


3. stay friends


4. have feelings for someone in that way

a. to continue hanging out after a separation


b. to like someone romantically


c. to fix something (like a relationship)


d. to break up with someone


Choose the expressions that best match the underlined parts.

1. No, she’s not my girlfriend. She’s just a friend who is a girl.

a male friend

a female friend



2. I interact well with my coworkers.

be on good terms

think of them as friends



3. Do you want me to set you up with someone? I can help you find your future wife.

meet Ms. Right

play hard to get



4. I grew up with him. I consider him my little brother.

be on good terms

think of him as a family member


Challenge 1

You’re talking with a friend on the phone about his/her ex. Give him/her some advice.


  • dump someone
  • stay friends
  • be on good terms

Challenge 2

After talking to your friend on the phone, you decided to check out an online advice column about relationships. Read the latest post.


  • stay friends
  • think of someone as something
  • a male/female friend
  • have feelings for someone in that way

Ask Anna Advice: Can we stay friends?


Dear Anna Advice: One of my close male friends confessed his feelings for me a year and a half ago. I was really surprised because I never thought that he had feelings for me in that way. He used to say that he thought of me as a sister. Well, we started to date, but we decided to break up seven months later. I thought I was okay with the breakup, but I saw him with another woman yesterday and I felt really hurt. I miss hanging out with him… I know we’re not meant to date each other, but I miss my good friend. I wish we could go back to having a platonic relationship. Do you think it’s possible to stay friends after a breakup? – Stuck Ex


Dear Stuck Ex: It’s not easy, but staying friends after a breakup is certainly possible. Getting a new boyfriend can show your ex that you just want to be friends now. Why don’t you try an online matchmaking service? It’s an excellent way to find Mr. Right.

Challenge 3

You met up with your friend at a café. Share with him/her what you read in the advice column and suggest he/she try a matchmaking service online.


  • meet Mr./Ms. Right
  • have good chemistry


Give your friend advice.


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    Could complete the task with ease

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    Could complete the task with some clarifications

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