Your high school reunion is coming up.

Catch up with an old friend.


1. Read an email from your best friend from high school.
2. Talk about cliques and share some big news with your friend.
3. Talk about high school friendships that ended and other high school memories.



Match the sentences on the left with the expressions on the right.

1. Vic wrote a nasty message about Brent on social media, then unfriended and blocked him.


2. Linda and Penny had a fight, and now Linda’s totally ignoring her.


3. Tomohiro is really annoyed with Bill’s endless excuses.


4. When Dexter was in high school, almost everyone wanted to be his friend.


5. Payton was on basically every sports team that her school had.

a. be sick and tired of something/someone


b. a cool kid


c. give someone the cold shoulder


d. a jock


e. burn bridges


Complete the dialogues using the expressions in the box. The form of some expressions may need to be changed.

remember when someone used to...
you'll never guess...
I have something to share
it's been a while

Student: Hey, Jodie! Wow, when was the last time we hung out? __________.

Tutor: Yeah, long time no see! How are you?

Student: I’m good. Actually, __________.

Tutor: Ooh, you have some big news?

Student: Yes! I’m three months pregnant!

Tutor: Oh my gosh! Seriously? Congratulations!


Student: __________ what happened to me yesterday.

Tutor: Something good?

Student: Yes. I got the job at N&N Holdings!

Tutor: That international real estate company?

Student: Yeah! __________ pass by the N&N building on our way to school? I used to dream about working there.

Tutor: Oh, yeah, I remember! Good for you!


Challenge 1

Your best friend from high school sent you an email. Read the email.


  • I have something to share.
  • It’s been a while.
  • I can’t believe it’s been...
  • Remember when someone used to...

Hey there! It’s been a while. Sorry for not keeping in touch very well these past few years. I’ve been really, really busy.

I’m so excited for our reunion next month! You’re going, right? I can’t believe it’s been 12 years.

I heard that a lot of our old friends are going. I can’t wait to see everyone! When I got the email about our reunion, all these old memories came flooding back. Remember when we used to hang out at that café after class every day? We’d order coffee and talk about random things for hours! Oh, those were the days.

I’m excited to catch up with everyone, especially with you! Also, I have something to share. It’s big news. Make sure you get to the venue early so we can talk about it in private, okay? I want you to know about it before anyone else.

See you soon!


Challenge 2

You just arrived at your reunion. Talk with Casey about your high school days. Then, share some big news and find out what his/her big news is as well.


  • Guess what?
  • I have something to share.
  • You’ll never guess...
  • It’s been a while.
  • a jock
  • a cool kid
  • a something nerd/geek

Challenge 3

You and Casey are still chatting at the reunion. Talk about Casey’s friendship troubles and your memories of high school.


  • give someone the cold shoulder
  • be sick and tired of something/someone
  • burn bridges


Catch up with an old friend.


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