A famous child star is now trying to make a comeback as an adult. You and your friend used to love watching her movies and TV shows years ago.

Find out how the child star has changed and decide if you’re still a fan.


1. Read an interview with an actress who used to be a famous child star.
2. Talk to your friend about the interview with the actress.
3. Discuss with your friend how you feel about the actress’ big changes.



Choose the correct answers.

1. I really miss the times when I would go to the park and play with my friends after school. Ah, _____.

  • that makes sense
  • those were the days

2. Darren just graduated from college and is looking for a job that will _____ for him.

  • change with the times
  • open new doors

3. Our friends call her “Smiley” because she’s such a cheerful person. I think her nickname really _____.

  • reminds me of her
  • fits her personality

4. When we were younger, my cousins and I would _____ and pull pranks on each other all the time.

  • fool around
  • change with the times


Replace the underlined parts with the expressions in the box. The form of some expressions may need to be changed.

buckle down
a change for the better/worse
remind someone of something
reach for the stars
be known as something
  1. I have to stop watching TV and start working seriously, or I won’t finish my project on time.
  2. Don’t be afraid to dream big and try to do something that seems impossible.
  3. Your nephew made me remember what I was like when I was young.
  4. Among family and friends, my sister Elizabeth is called Liz or Lizzy.
  5. Mia started going to the gym to exercise. It was an improvement.


Challenge 1

You are reading an interview in a magazine with actress Cassandra Gordon. Cassandra was a famous child star who’s now trying to get back into movies.


  • be known as something
  • fit someone’s personality
  • Those were the days.
  • remind someone of something
  • open new doors


Child star makes a movie comeback
by Ryan Stone

Ryan Stone (RS): Now, first of all: Cassie? Cassandra?

Cassandra Gordon (CG): (laughs) Um, I was known as Little Cassie, but that doesn’t fit my personality anymore. I’d like to be called Cassandra now.

RS: So, Cassandra, how do you feel about your movie comeback?

CG: I’m a bit nervous, but of course I’m also very much excited to be back on screen.

RS: Oh, why nervous?

CG: As you know, I started out as a child star. I was only three years old when I first appeared on TV, and I starred in my first movie when I was just five. I used to sing, dance, and play cute roles. (laughs)

RS: Those were the days, eh?

CG: To be honest, not really. I’m actually trying to distance myself from that period of my life.

RS: Is that why you decided to change your image?

CG: Yeah… I feel like when people hear my name, they think of the popular little girl who smiled a lot. However, for me, seeing my old movies and shows reminds me how lonely I was back then. I was always working, so I didn’t go to regular school or have time to play with my friends. Basically, I didn’t have much of a childhood.

RS: I’m sorry to hear that!

CG:  Thanks. Now that I’m older, I want to express myself more and try challenging things. That’s why I changed my looks and decided to take only serious movie roles now. I also believe this change will open new doors for my career.

Challenge 2

You’re having coffee with a friend who also used to love Little Cassie’s movies and TV shows. Tell her about the interview you read.


  • be known as something
  • That makes sense.
  • remember the good old days when…
  • remind someone of something
  • fool around
  • buckle down
  • reach for the stars

Challenge 3

It’s a few weeks later. You and your friend just saw Cassandra Gordon’s latest movie. Talk about how the actress has changed since her Little Cassie days.


  • buckle down
  • fit someone’s personality
  • That makes sense.
  • reach for the stars
  • a change for the better/worse
  • change with the times
  • open new doors


Find out how the child star has changed and decide if you’re still a fan.


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