Lesson 8: Robots
The hotel is totally blowing my mind.

I can read and understand a reaction to technology.


Technologies that were once considered fantasies are now becoming commonplace, making life easier for many. However, not everyone is happy with how fast things are changing.



I. Go over the expressions with your tutor.

    1. If you get a kick out of something, you’re excited, delighted, or amused because of it.

    I got a kick out of talking with the robot. It answered all my questions so naturally!


    2. If something blows someone’s mind, it really shocks or amazes him/her.

    You have to see this new sci-fi movie. It will blow your mind!


    3. If something gives someone the creeps, it makes a person feel nervous, frightened, or even repulsed.

    Those life-sized dolls gave me the creeps.


    II. How would you react to the following technologies? Use the expressions above.

    a self-driving car

    communication via hologram

    a robot teacher


When one word ends in a consonant sound and the next word starts with an /h/, the /h/ is often dropped and the two words are connected.
Phrase Example

give him

/ gih-vim /

Bugs always / gih-vim / the creeps.



Kelsie is reading an email from her friend Addison.

Hi, Kelsie!

Thanks for showing me around Tokyo last week. I had a great time!

By the way, I’m in Nagasaki right now. You won’t believe where I’m currently staying. I’m at that famous robot hotel! The one we talked about at dinner last week. I thought it sounded really cool, and they had an opening, so I made a reservation!

The hotel is totally blowing my mind. I thought maybe there would be one or two human staff, but nope! I haven’t seen any, at least. Even the receptionists are robots, and they can speak multiple languages. I got a kick out of seeing the dinosaur robot receptionist speak English and Korean! I like talking to the dinosaur robots, but the humanoid ones kind of give me the creeps. It’s hard to explain why!

There’s also a robotic arm that will store your stuff in a locker if you arrive early and can’t check in yet. Isn’t that awesome?

Anyway, this hotel is insane! I’ll send you some pictures later. You definitely have to stay here someday!!!



Did you know that there’s a real robot hotel in Japan? Located in Sasebo, Nagasaki, this hotel proudly proclaims to be the world’s first hotel with robot staff. In addition to the robots, it has a ton of new technology including a facial recognition system. Once guests register their face, they don’t have to worry about carrying around a room key anymore!



The underlined expressions are close but not quite correct. Correct them.

  1. Can you walk me to my car? The dark parking lot gives me creeps.
  2. Julie got kicked out of the movie. She thought it was hilarious.
  3. Just wait until you see their new customer service robot. It’s going to blow your head!


Rephrase the sentences using the expressions in the box. The form of some expressions may need to be changed.

get a kick out of something
blow someone’s mind
give someone the creeps
  1. The end of the story amazed Mark.
  2. The strange man waiting by the bus stop made Amanda kind of frightened.
  3. My cousins were so excited about programming their new toy robots.


Challenge 1

You got a text message from your friend Mina. Read the message. Then, tell your other friend Sam about it.

Today's Expressions

  • get a kick out of something
  • blow someone’s mind
  • give someone the creeps

Hi! Sorry I missed your call. I had my phone in my bag on silent because I was at the Museum of Modern Science with my sister. They have a no-cellphone policy.

Anyway, have you been there before? It was my first time. I had no idea how awesome it was! There are so many amazing exhibits.

I especially got a kick out of seeing the really high-tech exhibits like the space one. They have a hologram of the universe that totally blew my mind! It was spectacular.

They also have an android exhibit – you know, the humanoid robots. They looked so real, but something still felt wrong. My sister liked them, but honestly, they gave me the creeps.

We didn’t get to see all the exhibits that we wanted to see because my sister got called into work suddenly. I still really want to see them, though, so I’m planning to go back again soon! Are you free next week? Let’s go together!

Maybe you can invite Sam too. The more the merrier! What do you say?


Challenge 2

Discuss your ideas.

If Time








  1. What kind of robots are common in Japan (ex. robotic vacuum cleaners)?
  2. At a store, would you prefer to deal with human staff or robot staff?
  3. What jobs do you think will be taken over by robots in the near future?
  4. Do you agree with people who warn that using robots can be dangerous?


  1. What kinds of things do you consider amazing (ex. musical talent, technology)?
  2. What was something that blew your mind?
  3. What recent technology do you find amazing?
  4. What inspires people to create amazing things?


  1. What things usually give people the creeps?
  2. What kinds of places usually give people the creeps?
  3. Can you always explain why something or someone gives you the creeps?
  4. If something or someone gives you the creeps, do you trust your feeling?


I can read and understand a reaction to technology.


  • 4
    Very Good

    Could complete the task with ease

  • 3

    Could complete the task with some clarifications

  • 2

    Could complete the task with additional instructions

  • 1

    Could somehow complete the task with difficulty