Lesson 8: Strange Places
Now I’ve seen it all!

I can read and understand a post about something strange.


It can be fun to know what foreigners think about the surprising and unique things they encounter in Japan.



I. Go over the expressions with your tutor.

    1. Use How … is that? with adjectives to emphasize your opinion about something.


    The street is covered in lights. How cool is that?



    2. If something is bizarre, it’s very strange.


    I find square watermelons bizarre.



    3. Use Now I’ve seen it all! to say that something is unbelievable or strange.


    I can’t believe I just saw a dog with its own smartphone. Now I’ve seen it all!


    II. How would you react to seeing the following things? Use the expressions above.

    ice cream tacos

    a dog in the driver’s seat

    triangular sushi


When the end of one word and the beginning of the next word are the same consonant, the two sounds are often merged.
Phrase Example

How weird is that?

/ hou-weerd iz that /

Octopus-flavored ice cream? / hou-weerd iz that /?



Charlie is reading a blog post about some unique food in Osaka.

Osaka Day 3: Amemura

August 16


My friend recommended that I go to Amemura if I was up for some unique food. Since it’s summer, I decided to see what kind of ice cream there was! Here’s what I found.


  • The High Tower
    It has this name for a reason! This soft-serve ice cream is made of organic ingredients that give it a smooth texture and refreshing taste. The cone is a regular cone, but the ice cream itself is super tall! You get about half a meter of ice cream for only 300 yen. How cool is that?


  • Ice Bun
    Ice Bun is a soft-serve ice cream served in a hot dog bun. You can choose from three different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, or watermelon. Watermelon, please!


  • Egg Ice Cream
    Now I’ve seen it all! This ice cream is, for me, by far the most bizarre. In fact, I almost didn’t want to eat it. Egg Ice Cream is just like the name sounds: It’s soft-serve ice cream with some bits of boiled egg. If you’re the adventurous type, then this is the ice cream for you!


To politely show that you think someone or something is strange, you can use the words unique or interesting. In most cases, people will still understand what you’re trying to say.


Δ So your dad takes a nap with his shoes on? That’s strange!

O So your dad takes a nap with his shoes on? That’s interesting!



The underlined expressions are close but not quite correct. Correct them.

  1. A house in the shape of a teapot? That’s unbelievable! Now I saw it all!
  2. Many foreigners find the idea of capsule hotels to be bizarred.
  3. The Blue Pond in Hokkaido is a perfect blue because of natural minerals in the water. How beautiful is it?


Choose the sentences that best go with the underlined expressions.

1. __________. How strange is that?

  • This vending machine sells seafood!
  • This vending machine sells chips!


2. __________. Now I’ve seen it all!

  • They sell beef tacos.
  • They sell shark tacos.


3. __________. How bizarre!

  • My American friend uses chopsticks to eat spaghetti.
  • My American friend uses chopsticks to eat sushi.


4. __________. How disgusting is that?

  • That celebrity is wearing a gown covered in diamonds.
  • That celebrity is wearing a dress made of meat.


5. __________. How bizarre!

  • Is that a round orange?
  • Is that a square watermelon?


Challenge 1

You and your friend are planning to take a trip to Osaka. Read a blog post about something strange there. Then, share the information with your friend.

Today's Expressions

  • How ... is that?
  • bizarre
  • Now I’ve seen it all!

Crazy Japanese Vending Machine

September 25

I’ve been to Japan multiple times, but it never ceases to surprise me. When I traveled to Osaka last month, I found the most bizarre vending machine!

At first glance, it looked like an ordinary vending machine. But here’s the catch – you never know what you’re going to get because the buttons aren’t labeled! Locals say that you can get coffee, tea, water, soda, or even sports drinks from it.

And it’s also super cheap – you only need 10 yen to get a drink! How awesome is that?

Of course, I tried it. I got a bottle of green tea!

If you want to know if you’ll be as lucky as me, go and try this mysterious vending machine! You’ll find it near the Central Wholesale Market.

Challenge 2

Discuss your ideas.

If Time








  1. What places in Japan are famous for being strange?
  2. Would you recommend them to foreigners?
  3. What’s the strangest place you’ve ever been to?
  4. What’s the strangest building you’ve ever seen?


  1. What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever seen?
  2. How do you usually react when you see something bizarre?
  3. Who’s the most bizarre person you know?
  4. If someone called you bizarre, how would you feel?


  1. Do you ever read travel blogs?
  2. What do people usually write about on travel blogs (ex. food, tourist spots)?
  3. What places in Japan do people commonly write about on travel blogs?
  4. If you were to write a post on a travel blog, what place would you write about?


I can read and understand a post about something strange.


  • 4
    Very Good

    Could complete the task with ease

  • 3

    Could complete the task with some clarifications

  • 2

    Could complete the task with additional instructions

  • 1

    Could somehow complete the task with difficulty