Japan: Japanese Technology



Have a conversation with your tutor using the questions below as starting points. It's okay not to do all 10 questions. Go where the conversation takes you!

  • How often do you buy things from vending machines?

  • Do you often go to restaurants with touch-screen ordering?

  • How do you feel about Japanese toilets with lots of functions?

  • How do you feel about stores and hotels that use robots to help customers?

  • Do you like to play Japanese video games?

  • Do you use your train pass to pay for other things (ex. at convenience stores, from vending machines)?

  • Do you ride the bullet train often?

  • Do you own a rice cooker?

  • What kind of special options do Japanese carmakers advertise (ex. automatic braking, alerts)?

  • Do you think Japan is the most technologically advanced country in the world?