Health and Lifestyle: Getting Older



Have a conversation with your tutor using the questions below as starting points. It's okay not to do all 10 questions. Go where the conversation takes you!

  • What age do you consider to be old?

  • Do you do anything to stay “young” (ex. use anti-aging products, do puzzles)?

  • What worries you about getting older (ex. wrinkles, memory loss)?

  • Do you agree that age is a feeling, not a number?

  • Do you agree that all people become wiser as they grow older?

  • How has your appearance changed since you were younger?

  • How has your personality changed since you were younger?

  • How have your preferences changed since you were younger?

  • Is there anything that you want to do when you’re older (ex. travel around the world, learn how to play the piano)?

  • Do you want to live to be over 100 years old?