Education: Cram School



Have a conversation with your tutor using the questions below as starting points. It's okay not to do all 10 questions. Go where the conversation takes you!

  • What is/was your reason for attending cram school?

  • What do/did you study at cram school?

  • Do you prefer one-on-one lessons or group classes at cram school?

  • How long are/were your cram school classes?

  • Did you make any friends from other schools at cram school?

  • Do you feel that cram school really helps/helped you?

  • Do/Did you have a favorite cram school teacher?

  • Is/Was your cram school close to your home?

  • Do/Did you go to cram school year round or only certain times of the year?

  • Does everyone in your country go to cram school?