Canadian Zoo Faces Charges for Taking a Bear out Without Permission

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. pose / poʊz / (v) – to produce a certain outcome

    The lack of road signs in the area poses a danger to drivers.

  2. point out / pɔɪnt aʊt / (phrasal) – to call attention to something

    The government officials pointed out the possible dangers of letting wild animals on the loose.

  3. stem from / ˈstɛm frəm / (idiom) – to result from something

    The lawsuit against the zoo stemmed from its failure to manage the animals in the facility.

  4. negligence / ˈnɛɡlɪdʒəns / (n) – an instance wherein a person becomes careless

    Because of the guard’s negligence, thieves were able to enter the shop.

  5. in transit / ˈɪn ˈtrænsət / (idiom) – moving from one area to another  

    It is difficult to take care of pets while in transit.


Read the text below.

A private zoo in Alberta, Canada, is facing charges for taking a bear outside the facility without permission from local authorities.

Earlier this year, Discovery Wildlife Park released a video of the bear outing. It showed Berkley, a one-year-old Kodiak [KOH-dee-ak] bear, sitting in a pick-up truck’s passenger seat. While leaning out of the truck’s window, Berkley was being hand-fed an ice cream at a local Dairy Queen drive-thru.

After the video went viral, the zoo received criticism because of the potential danger that Berkley might have caused while outside the facility.

Park officials responded by saying that they did not intend to cause harm. Zoo owner Doug Bos further explained that the video’s purpose was to promote public safety by showing what should and should not be done near wild bears. Discovery Wildlife Park employees also claimed that the filming did not pose any danger as it was done before Dairy Queen’s opening time. Berkley was also chained during the entire trip.

Despite this, Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement pointed out that the charges stemmed from the zoo’s negligence to seek the consent of the Alberta government before taking the bear out for a trip.

Currently, the zoo is facing another similar charge. In 2017, the zoo also failed to notify officials that Berkley was being bottle-fed outside the facility every night. Bos is taking accountability for both instances and is planning to plead guilty.

Because of these charges, the zoo’s permit was amended. It is now required to give more details when taking animals out and to keep animals caged when in transit.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• What kind of punishment do you think the zoo should face for the offenses? Discuss.
• Do you think that revising the zoo’s permit is enough to ensure that similar offenses will not be repeated? Explain.

Discussion B

• Do you think that using wild animals for promotional purposes should be allowed? Explain.
• What do you think is the best way to educate the public on potential dangers associated with wild animals? Discuss.

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