Geneva International Motor Show comes to Qatar for the first time

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. prestigious / prɛˈstɪdʒ əs / (adj.) – very much respected or admired as one of the best or most important

    Diane graduated from a highly prestigious university.

  2. unrivaled / ʌnˈraɪ vəld / (adj.) – having no equal; better or greater than anyone or anything else

    Many visitors come to the island because of its unrivaled beauty.

  3. automotive / ˌɔ təˈmoʊ tɪv / (adj.) – relating to cars and other vehicles

    My dad works in the automotive industry.

  4. predominant / prɪˈdɒm ə nənt / (adj.) – more powerful, more important, or larger in number, than others

    Unemployment is a predominant issue in the society today.

  5. take advantage of (something) / teɪk ædˈvæn tɪdʒ əv / (idiom) – to use an opportunity or the good things in a situation to achieve results

    Our family took advantage of the holiday. We went on a trip to the beach.


Read the text below.

The Geneva Motor Show was held outside of Switzerland for the first time in its history. Qatar hosted the event which brings together the biggest car brands in the world. It’s the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS)—but with a Middle Eastern twist. The prestigious auto event was held in Doha, Qatar’s capital, this year. It’s the first time it’s been hosted outside of Switzerland since the show was established in 1905.

“Going forward, GIMS Qatar will be hosted every two years in Doha, providing an unrivaled opportunity for brands to present their latest technologies, most innovative ideas and concepts, as well as inspire the next generation of automotive talent,” says Akbar Al Baker, Chairman of Qatar Tourism.

More than 30 of the world’s biggest car brands showcased their latest models.

“We want to be a bridge between the West and the East. It’s true that we know that there is a shift in the automotive industry with a lot of Chinese brands that are coming into different markets. Here, I think it’s not so predominant, but we see already some new Chinese brands that are coming and willing to enter the Middle East market,” says Sandro Mesquita, CEO of the Geneva International Motor Show.

The main show was at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, but there were also events at the National Museum of Qatar. The motor show also took full advantage of its desert setting with off-road drives through the dunes, test drives and other activities.

It comes at an appropriate time on the Gulf nation’s motoring calendar with the Qatar Grand Prix scheduled on October 8.

Qatar’s tourism body views the motor show as part of its plans to turn the country into the fastest-growing destination in the Middle East by 2030.

Around 200,000 people were expected to visit. Next year, the event will return to Geneva. GIMS Qatar ran from October 7-13.

This article was provided by The Associated Press.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

  • In your opinion, how does hosting major automotive events like GIMS contribute to Qatar’s broader goals of becoming a leading tourist destination in the Middle East? Discuss.
  • Can events like the motor show have a lasting impact on the perception of a country in terms of tourism? Discuss.

Discussion B

  • How do activities like off-road drives through the desert and test drives contribute to the overall experience of a motor show? Discuss.
  • Do you think incorporating such experiences aligns with the evolving expectations of attendees at automotive exhibitions? Why or why not? Discuss.
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