Justin Bieber reveals rare disorder behind facial paralysis

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. barely / ˈbɛər li / (adv.) – in a way that is almost not possible

    Julie could barely walk after her hip operation.

  2. ailment / ˈeɪl mənt / (n.) – a sickness that is not very serious

    Some plants can treat ailments.

  3. rehabilitation / ˌriː həˌbɪ lə ˈteɪ ʃən / (n.) – the process of restoring someone’s life or health through therapy or using medicine after an illness, injury, drug problem, etc.

    He will be sent to a rehabilitation center to get all the medical attention he needs.

  4. unpredictable / ˌʌn prɪˈdɪk tə bəl / (adj.) – changing unexpectedly

    Today’s weather is very unpredictable. It was so sunny this morning, but now it’s raining so hard.

  5. hospitalize / ˈhɒs pɪ tlˌaɪz / (v.) – to take someone to a hospital for medical care or treatment

    My mom got hospitalized because of heart failure.


Read the text below.

Justin Bieber says a rare disorder that paralyzed half of the superstar performer’s face is the reason behind his tour postponement.

The multi-Grammy winner is suffering from Ramsay Hunt syndrome, he said in a video he posted on Instagram. The syndrome causes facial paralysis and affects nerves in the face through a shingles outbreak.

Bieber’s post comes after he canceled his shows in Toronto and Washington, D.C. The singer demonstrated in the video that he could barely move one side of his face, calling the ailment “pretty serious.”

“For those frustrated by my cancellations of the next shows, I’m just physically, obviously not capable of doing them,” he said. The singer added, “My body’s telling me I’ve got to slow down. I hope you guys understand.”

Bieber said he’s unsure how long he’ll take to heal. But he appeared positive about making a full recovery through rest and therapy.

“I’ll be using this time to just rest and relax and get back to a hundred percent, so that I can do what I was born to do,” he said.

Derick Wade, a consultant in neurological rehabilitation and visiting professor at Oxford Brookes University in the U.K., told Sky News that recovery time can vary significantly.

“If a nerve is damaged in this way, it can recover in some people very quickly, in a few days or a few weeks and in other people can take several months. So it’s a very unpredictable affair,” he said.

In March, Bieber’s wife, Hailey Bieber, was hospitalized for a blood clot to her brain.

This article was provided by The Associated Press.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

  • Justin Bieber is not the first big star to cancel tours or concerts due to an illness. In the past, other big stars like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift had canceled world tours as well for health reasons. Do you think celebrities are overworked? In your opinion, are they more overworked than non-celebrities? Why or why not? Discuss.
  • In your opinion, what should people with demanding jobs do to avoid suffering from health issues (ex. take some days off, limit the number of working hours)? Discuss.

Discussion B

  • One of Justin Bieber’s motivations for recovery is to do what he was born to do, which is singing or performing. What are your motivations to recover from a problem or difficulty? Discuss.
  • According to a news source, Hailey has been very supportive of Justin and would constantly check on him while traveling back and forth to Los Angeles and New York City to promote her business. How do you show support to a loved one who is experiencing a problem or difficulty in life? Discuss.
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