Microsoft Relaunches Popular Video Game

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. hiatus / haɪˈeɪ təs / (n) – a period of time when an activity is stopped

    The band took a two-year hiatus after one of its members left.

  2. wanderlust / ˈwɒn dərˌlʌst / (n) – a strong desire to travel and explore the world

    My wanderlust led me to travel all across Europe and Asia in my 20s.

  3. navigate / ˈnæv ɪˌgeɪt / (v) – to find the directions to a certain destination when traveling

    It’s easier to navigate around the city with a map.

  4. engaging / ɛnˈgeɪ dʒɪŋ / (adj) – attractive or pleasing in a way that holds someone's attention

    The event was so engaging that everyone stayed until the end.

  5. pose / poʊz / (v) – to create a possible problem, risk, etc.

    Heavy workouts pose a risk of injury.


Read the text below.

Microsoft has released a new version of Flight Simulator, a video game in which players take the role of a pilot and fly around the world.

The video game is the tech company’s oldest franchise and was first launched in 1982. After a 14-year hiatus, it was recently relaunched with new features like live weather and a huge world map. This latest version also includes a new day and night engine option, which allows users to fly at any time of the day. Users’ wanderlust can also be satisfied, as the game enables them to fly around different parts of the world.

Flight Simulator’s latest version came out in August for both Windows and Xbox. The game’s live weather feature creates new challenges like navigating through stormy skies, and its lifelike scenery makes flights engaging. This version also features 37,000 airports, over a billion buildings, and two trillion trees.

Just like its old version, the new Flight Simulator comes in different editions—standard, deluxe, and premium deluxe. The standard edition is priced at $59.99. The deluxe edition for $30 more features Chicago O’hare International Airport, while the premium deluxe edition for an additional $60 includes San Francisco International Airport and London’s Heathrow Airport.

Flight Simulator head Jorg Neumann said that the recent lockdowns posed a lot of limitations. However, thanks to Flight Simulator, he had the opportunity to travel to Texas, Nepal, and some parts of Africa without ever leaving his home.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• Would you be interested in playing Flight Simulator? Why or why not?
• Do you think launching the game during a pandemic is a good idea? Why or why not?

Discussion B

• Why do you think some people enjoy playing simulation games? Explain.
• What kind of simulation games should developers create (e.g. games in business settings)? Discuss.

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