AI-Powered X-Ray System Gets FDA Approval

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. fatal / ˈfeɪt l / (adj) – describing something that may cause death

    Inhaling this toxic chemical is fatal.

  2. apparatus / ˌæp əˈræt əs / (n) – a tool or machine

    My dentist’s clinic is full of different apparatus for treating and cleaning teeth.

  3. efficient / ɪˈfɪʃ ənt / (adj) – doing or producing something without wasting time, energy, or resources

    You should try to be more efficient; you shouldn’t spend eight hours doing only one task.

  4. take over / teɪk ˈoʊ vər / (phrasal) – to be the one to continue doing something that someone/something else stopped doing

    Ever since my grandfather died, my dad took over the business.

  5. dispel / dɪˈspɛl / (v) – to cause a feeling, such as fear or worry, to disappear

    The doctor’s assurance that his mother is in perfect health dispelled all his fears.


Read the text below.

A mobile x-ray machine powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

GE Healthcare, the creator of the device, received the go signal to market its new AI-powered x-ray system last September. Called the Critical Care Suite, the system is meant to help in the early detection of pneumothorax [noo-moh-THOR-aks], a fatal lung condition that affects thousands of Americans yearly.

Through the device, doctors and lab technicians can now quickly review and evaluate x-ray images and give immediate treatment and medication to patients in critical condition. Following the approval, the apparatus is set to be widely used in hospitals by early next year.

The machine works by using AI algorithms to examine images from an x-ray. If a suspected case of pneumothorax has been detected, the machine sends the image to medical staff for proper evaluation. This process helps significantly reduce the condition’s detection time from eight hours to as fast as 15 minutes. The machine does not require an Internet connection to work, which means that it can be used anytime.

This new technology is included in GE Healthcare’s platform, Edison, which includes all the company’s AI-powered innovations. GE Healthcare aims to incorporate AI into the entire healthcare system for more efficient and reliable patient care.

Despite AI’s help in advancing the medical field, there are some concerns about it taking over major medical decisions. However, GE Healthcare CEO Kieran Murphy dispelled these worries. He said that AI is not replacing professionals because their expertise is still needed to verify the validity and accuracy of findings made by AI.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• Do you agree with GE Healthcare’s goal to integrate AI into the healthcare system? Why or why not?
• Aside from x-rays, what other medical procedures do you want to be powered by artificial intelligence? Why?

Discussion B

• What kind of policies or safeguards should governments put around AI-powered health technology?
• What do you think are some characteristics of medical staff (e.g. doctors, nurses, therapists) that cannot be replaced by AI? Discuss.

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