More Travelers Aim for Break from Technology, Report Says

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. deliberately / dɪˈlɪbərətli / (adv) – on purpose

    The child was scolded by his mother after he deliberately ignored her warning.

  2. perspective / pərˈspɛk tɪv / (n) – a view or way of thinking about something

    He hated classical music, but his perspective changed when he started learning how to play the piano.

  3. in the moment / ɪn ðə ˈmoʊ mənt / (idiom) – having full focus on what one is doing or experiencing

    Listening to classical music while studying helps me stay in the moment.

  4. genuine / ˈdʒɛn yu ɪn / (adj) – real or true

    She is the only politician who showed a genuine desire to help others.

  5. abound with / əˈbaʊnd wɪθ / (phrasal) – to have plenty of something

    This part of the country abounds with trees, so you can find many wild animals here.


Read the text below.

Digital detoxes, or periods of time when using electronic devices are deliberately avoided, are becoming popular among travelers, a report says.

Black Tomato, a luxury tour company, released a report about the changing perspective of people on traveling. The travel firm partnered with London-based market research company Euromonitor International to gather data.

Findings show that these days, people are concerned not only about travel destinations but also about a trip’s lasting impact on their lives. Along with this change in viewpoint, people are starting to enjoy being in the moment and embracing the “joy of missing out” (JOMO), or feeling contented even when they are not updated through social media.

According to the report, people are now experiencing less nomophobia—the fear of not being able to access one’s phone. The majority of travelers disconnect from the Internet for most of their vacation, except when they need to do something for work. This suggests that people are aiming to switch off their devices and go on a genuine digital detox.

Tom Marchant, one of Black Tomato’s founders, believes that even though technology is useful when one travels, it is not necessary for deciding where or how people travel. He added that people are starting to appreciate personal reflection, which requires places that are calm, clean, and abounding with nature.

Black Tomato identified some key destinations around the world that are perfect for a digital detox. Topping this list is the small island of Padar in Indonesia. The list also included Kazakhstan’s Tien Shan Mountains and Spain’s Ibiza.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• Do you think people can totally avoid using digital devices when traveling? Why or why not?
• What do you think are the perfect places in your country for a digital detox? Explain.

Discussion B

• What do you think is the importance of doing self-reflection once in a while? Explain.
• Aside from traveling to a peaceful place, how else can people practice self-reflection? Discuss.