Australian Organization Launches “Help Us Help You” Campaign

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. sort / sɔrt / (v) – to arrange

    We need to sort the garbage by type.

  2. contaminant / kənˈtæm ə nənt / (n) – a substance that makes something dirty or polluted

    The river is becoming polluted because of contaminants.

  3. relieve / rɪˈliv / (v) – to remove or make something less serious

    He went out with his friends to relieve himself of stress.

  4. stench / stɛntʃ / (n) – a strong and unpleasant smell

    I left the room because I can’t stand the stench.

  5. mindful / ˈmaɪnd fəl / (adj) – aware of something

    People need to be mindful of their actions.


Read the text below.

NetWaste, a waste management organization in Australia, has launched a recycling campaign called “Help Us Help You.”

The campaign aims to increase the residents’ awareness of the recyclers’ experiences and challenges when handling their waste. To achieve the campaign’s objective, NetWaste gathered insights from people working at waste facilities that sort recyclable waste from different towns.

Barry Craig, a representative of Mid-West’s Cowra facility, is one of the recyclers who shared their experiences in handling waste. He revealed that dealing with bottles and plastic products with contaminants like animal waste demotivates him. He argued that such waste should be brought to dumpsites instead of recycling bins.

The team leader of the Gilgandra Recycling Facility also said that there were times when his team had to leave the work area just to relieve themselves of the stench produced by contaminated waste. He wanted people to realize that humans, and not robots, are handling their waste.

Thus, both representatives urge people to be more mindful of what they throw with their recyclables.

NetWaste Environmental Learning Officer Sue Clarke is looking forward to the success of “Help Us Help You” campaign. She is hopeful that it can encourage people to step up when it comes to sorting their waste at home.

In addition to the “Help Us Help You” campaign, NetWaste also implemented “Waste to Art.” It is an annual competition wherein individuals, schools, and communities are encouraged to transform reusable waste into art to promote recycling. This project aims to change the way people view waste by incorporating creativity and innovation.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• Do you think NetWaste’s campaigns would be effective in your country? Why or why not?
• What else can be done to encourage people to better handle their waste at home? Explain.

Discussion B

• Why is it important to educate people on recycling?
• Do you think recycling is enough to lessen waste disposal problems? Explain.