Americans Now Spend More on Fitness, Survey Says

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. splurge / splɜrdʒ / (v) – to spend on something expensive

    I recently splurged on a new pair of training shoes.

  2. pricey / ˈpraɪ si / (adj) – expensive or costly

    I cannot afford pricey yoga classes.

  3. boom / bum / (v) – to grow powerfully

    The fitness industry is booming because a lot of people are spending money on gym memberships.

  4. boutique / buˈtik / (adj) – referring to a small business

    Boutique gyms offer small fitness classes.

  5. personalized / ˈpɜr sə nlˌaɪzd / (adj) – designed for a specific person

    She bought a personalized mug with her name on it.


Read the text below.

A recent survey revealed that Americans are now spending more money on health and fitness.

Myprotein, a UK-based company that manufactures sports nutrition products, conducted the said survey among 1,350 Americans aged 18 to 65. These participants were asked about their monthly fitness-related expenses.

Based on the survey results, Americans spend an average of around $155 monthly on health and fitness activities and products. This amount totals to approximately $112,000 in a lifetime. Findings further revealed that Americans spend the most on supplements like protein shakes and vitamins. In addition, Americans also splurge on gym memberships, workout gear, personal trainers, and meal plans.

The high amount spent on fitness implies that Americans, especially the millennials, are now more willing to invest in products and activities that can help them become fit and healthy. In fact, this generation tends to prefer pricey specialty fitness classes, such as kickboxing and yoga, over traditional gym workouts, such as treadmill exercises.

The fitness industry in the United States is also booming because of the popularity of fitness boutique studios, which are gyms that offer different types of fitness classes ranging from high-intensity training to dance-based classes. These studios usually have higher fees than traditional gyms.

This new fitness trend has become a hit among millennials because it offers personalized classes, which involve limited participants. This set-up allows trainers or instructors to give specific fitness recommendations for each person. Another reason why millennials prefer fitness boutique studios is that they can choose which class to join based on their own schedule.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• Why do you think millennials are placing a high priority on fitness?
• Aside from health and fitness, what other things are worth spending on (e.g. retirement plans, travel)?

Discussion B

• Do you think fitness boutique studios can also be popular in your country? Why or why not?
• In your opinion, how can traditional gyms retain and get more clients now that more people prefer fitness boutique studios?