Tourists Taking Photos of Jacaranda Trees Cause Heavy Traffic

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. cluster / ˈklʌs tər / (n) – a group

    That cluster of flowers looks beautiful.

  2. horde / hɔrd, hoʊrd / (n) – a large crowd

    There is a horde of tourists waiting to enter the museum.

  3. flock / flɒk / (v) – to go somewhere in a large group

    Many people flock the restaurant because of its delicious ramen.

  4. spot / spɒt / (v) – to notice or observe something

    I spotted a bear in the forest.

  5. precinct / ˈpri sɪŋkt / (n) – a district; an area that is used to organize the city’s police force

    The local precinct released a warning on residential theft.


Read the text below.

Tourists taking pictures of Jacaranda  / ˌdʒæk əˈræn də / trees has caused heavy traffic on the streets of Sydney, Australia.

The trees have been the center of attention of many tourists because of their beauty. Also known as Brazilian rosewood, these trees grow purple and tube-shaped flowers that grow in clusters. These flowers attract hordes of tourists annually as they only bloom once a year for just about six weeks in Australia. At times, some don’t even bloom at all.

As such, tourists take this very short opportunity to witness and take pictures of the trees. Because of the number of people who flock the area, however, many tourists stop in the middle of the road to take photos. One tourist was even spotted lying on the street just to take a picture.

This caused alarm among the locals who expressed their concern for tourists who might get hit by passing cars. The police also had a hard time managing the traffic because of the huge volume of people on the streets.

The representative of the residents, Jillian Christie, said that the popularity of the Jacaranda trees among tourists is increasing every year. In order to prevent future problems like heavy traffic, the local precinct proposed a yearly festival for Jacaranda trees wherein special traffic rules like a one-way street will be observed.

However, the proposal is still up for the approval of the North Sydney Council. In the meantime, the council asked drivers and tourists to follow traffic rules at all times.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• Do you think the solution planned by the precinct will be effective? Why or why not?
• How else can the local authorities prevent heavy traffic caused by tourists?

Discussion B

• Aside from causing heavy traffic, what can happen if many tourists are irresponsible?
• How can you be a responsible tourist when visiting a new place?