Foundation Launches Fund-raisers on Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. subsidize / ˈsʌb sɪˌdaɪz / (v) – to help someone pay for something

    The government promised to subsidize the health insurance of low-income earners.

  2. beneficiary / ˌbɛn əˈfɪʃ iˌɛr I / (n) – someone who receives help or benefits from something

    The foundation’s beneficiaries are all children.

  3. between jobs / bɪˈtwin dʒɒbs / (idiom) – unemployed temporarily

    I am between jobs right now, but I know I will get one soon.

  4. ordeal / ɔrˈdil / (n) – a difficult situation

    I had very good friends to help me through the ordeal.

  5. pressing / ˈprɛs ɪŋ / (adj) – needing attention right away

    After the storm, finding a clean water source became a pressing concern.


Read the text below.

The Pink Fund, a non-profit support group, launched a series of events last month to subsidize the cost-of-living expenses of breast cancer patients.

In view of Breast Cancer Awareness Month last October, the organization unveiled several fund-raisers such as car auctions, sales, marathons, talks, and dance performances. The foundation partnered with several organizations, such as car company Ford, to make the events possible.

The money collected from these events helps The Pink Fund finance breast cancer patients’ non-medical expenses, which include rent, transportation, and utilities, to ensure that their beneficiaries can focus on their recovery.

The Pink Fund’s founder, Molly MacDonald, is a breast cancer survivor herself. She was between jobs when she was diagnosed in 2005 and was also unemployable because of her condition. While undergoing treatment, she struggled with paying for her house and feeding her five children. MacDonald’s ordeal made her realize breast cancer patients’ pressing problem with day-to-day expenses.

Soon after recovering and finding a full-time job, MacDonald founded The Pink Fund with the goal of assisting patients in paying their non-medical bills for 90 days. Since then, the foundation has helped thousands of patients in the United States.

Because of the organization’s work, many people battling with breast cancer are grateful to The Pink Fund. MacDonald has been told by many beneficiaries that her organization saved their lives. One Michigan woman said that, initially, she felt stressed out because of the financial crisis she experienced after being diagnosed. However, when The Pink Fund lent her a hand in paying for utilities, she was able to focus on getting treated.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• Do you think that organizations supporting the cost-of-living expenses of people with serious illnesses should become more widespread? Why or why not?
• In addition to financial help, what other kinds of support can help people battle their illnesses? Discuss.

Discussion B

• How would you rate the level of breast cancer awareness in your country? Explain.
• How can your government better raise awareness about breast cancer? Discuss.