Rome to Impose Fine on Unruly Tourists

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Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

  1. unruly / ʌnˈru li / (adj) – not easy to discipline or control

    The unruly kids broke the vase.  

  2. impose / ɪmˈpoʊz / (v) – to give someone a fine or punishment using authority

    Our school imposed a strict punishment on dress code violators.

  3. frolic / ˈfrɒl ɪk / (v) – to act playfully

    The children are frolicking in the playground.

  4. dip / dɪp / (n) – a short swim

    You can take a quick dip in the pool.

  5. cool off / kul ɔf / (phrasal) – to feel cooler

    They ate ice cream to cool off.


Read the text below.

Rome has released a decree that would fine unruly behavior in the city’s historical sites.

Roman authorities will impose a fine on anyone caught doing inappropriate acts in the city’s famous tourist spots. For instance, anyone caught swimming, frolicking, or doing other outrageous activities at the Trevi Fountain would be fined a minimum of 40 euros ($50) and a maximum of 240 euros ($270). The decree will be valid starting this summer season until October 31.

The Roman police will also be monitoring historical sites like the Colosseum more closely to keep them from damage.

Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi [RAHD-jee] said that good behavior is important in protecting the capital’s national treasures. The mayor created the decree in response to the outrageous behaviors of some tourists in recent years.

In 2015, a group of drunk and naked tourists took a late night dip in the La Fontana delle Naiadi, [NUH-yuh-dee]. The tourists were fined 169 euros each. In addition, there were two incidents of tourists taking a swim in historical fountains in the summer of 2016.

The first incident involved a group of female tourists wearing swimsuits who went to cool off in a 400-year-old fountain. The other involved an author who splashed around the Trevi Fountain wearing an evening gown.

Locals have expressed their outrage at the misbehavior of tourists in their city. The Romans consider it a great disrespect when tourists treat their historical fountains as swimming pools.

In one incident, an angry resident took a picture of the tourists and posted it online. The photo gained a lot of negative reactions in social media.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

• Do you agree with the new decree passed in Rome? Why or why not?
• In your opinion, how will the new decree affect tourists who visit Rome?

Discussion B

• Aside from imposing fines, how else can the government find a balance between encouraging tourism and protecting historical sites? Discuss.
• In your country, what is the government doing to protect historical sites? Do you find it effective?